Exploring the potential of expanded databases and networking in virtual artistic projects and communities, the unplace project will gather information on artists, digitally-born artworks, and virtual exhibitions that propose new relationships between art, society and technology. We are especially interested in projects, from all over the world, that are able to question or reshape paradigms of physical space and artistic experience.

The unplace Database is currently under construction and it already has more than 1000 records, comprising several categories (artists, researchers/curators, exhibitions, collections, virtual museums, etc.). The complexity of this survey and the subsequent open access to these data require significant human and technical resources and, therefore, they depend on specific fund raising. For this reason, the deadline for the conclusion of this process is still to be defined. Nevertheless, if you are an artist, a curator or a researcher within the field of Internet Art or Virtual Exhibitions, and you would like to share information on your work through this platform, you are welcome to contact us through our e-mail:

The unplace team thanks all the contacts and information received so far.