networked art: places-between-places

The first unplace online exhibition was held between 19th June and 19th November of 2015. The digital catalog, both in Portuguese and in English, is available for download here.

Focusing on the idea that "the place is nowhere and everywhere”, this exhibition brought together Internet and web-specific artworks in which the tensions between real and virtual spaces are highlighted through online practices, ranging from geopoetics, fiction and hacktivism to participatory projects in networked environments.

This curatorial project was based on the research work carried out by the unplace team, and it started with an International Call for Projects, in 2014, aiming to find “artistic proposals that challenge the modes of creation and reception of works of art in a purely virtual and networked exhibition space, in a museum without a place” (see bellow).

Artists: Ahmed El Saher (Egypt), Ai Weiwei (China) & Olafur Eliasson (Denmark, Germany), Alfredo Jaar (Chile/USA), Art is Open Source (Italy), Clement Valla (France/USA), Giselle Beiguelman (Brazil), MIIAC-João Paulo Serafim (France/Portugal), JODI (Belgium/Netherlands), John Barber (USA), Paula Levine (Canada/USA), Thomson & Craighead (UK), Wilfredo Prieto (CUB), Perry Bard (Canadá), LiMaC –Sandra Gamarra (Peru/Spain) & Antoine-Henry Jonquères (France/Spain), Hanna Husberg (Finland/Sweden) & Laura McLean (Australia/UK),  S.A.R.L. Group (Portugal).

Curators: António Pinto Ribeiro and Rita Xavier Monteiro, with the collaboration of Helena Barranha, Susana S. Martins and Raquel Pereira.

 Now closed! 


Open Call: Selected Projects

The jury of the Open Call, composed of António Pinto Ribeiro, Helena Barranha and Susana S. Martins, has selected the following artistic projects to be included on the virtual exhibition promoted by Gulbenkian Next Future Programme (opening in June 2015):

Hanna Husberg and Laura McLean - Contingent Movements Archive
John F. Barber - Radio Nouspace
LiMac [Sandra Gamarra Heshiki and Antoine Henry Jonquères] - Solo Show


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